Where Art and Advertising Collide

What is LCmediaHouse? It’s the vibrant tapestry that weaves together creative artistry and advertising, transforming brands into captivating masterpieces that leave audiences in awe. Just as ‘Van Gogh’ immortalized his emotions through strokes of color, we infuse every project with passion, creativity, and a touch of brilliance.

At LCM, we don’t settle for mediocrity. With an expert blend of strategic thinking and artistic finesse, we create visual narratives that resonate deeply with your target audience, leaving an indelible imprint on their hearts and minds. LCmediaHouse is a collective of trailblazers, eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our creative symphony encompasses a myriad of services that transcend the conventional norms of advertising. From mesmerizing brand campaigns and stunning visual designs to cutting-edge UI/UX strategies and growth-focused brand development, we curate experiences that evoke emotions, spark conversations, and set your brand apart from the crowd.

But what truly sets LCmediaHouse apart is our unwavering commitment to authenticity. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or generic approaches. Instead, we take the time to understand your brand’s unique DNA, unravelling its essence, and infusing it into every aspect of our work. The result? An extraordinary brand presence that resonates deeply with your audience.

At LCmediaHouse, creativity reigns supreme, and every project is a testament to our unwavering passion for storytelling. Together, we’ll embark on an exhilarating journey, exploring uncharted territories, and creating a brand experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Let’s embark on this creative adventure together, where idea, art, and advertising in all forms seamlessly converge to create something truly exceptional.


Dinesh Malhotra

One of the two founders of the LCMedia asylum, Dinesh Malhotra is also the Marketing head of the company! His qualifications are.. Why bother? Industry knowledge has made him what he is today! A freak of nature, he was certainly born with the capacity to recite to you every brand new concept that WILL hit the market in the future! His vision is a driving force, being the boss of the gang, his every sentence and insight makes the rest of the team pump adrenaline like never before. He is funny but mind you, sometimes his words freak you out! Every bit of the information that he holds within himself (which you will be extremely lucky to witness and absorb) is either gathered through self-learning or majorly through direct (brag-worthy) experience!

Please NOTE: He is filled up with information, my dear friend! His speed of speech is faster than anyone’s hearing ability. If at any point you are confused or lose track of his words, simply squirm impatiently in your seat. Why? He has great eyesight too!

Survival Tip: He has a unique way of sneezing, and let’s hope to god that he is not looking at you when he does that! P.S: Kindly carry an umbrella!

Nishat Mukaddam

That’s N-I-S-H-A-T…
For the love of your own sweet life do NOT, I repeat DO NOT mispronounce her name or under any circumstance, call her a ‘NISHANTH!’ We understand Nishanth is a beautiful name, and if you are a NISHANTH, we adore you.. Your parents have given you a wonderful name, just that NISHAT is not a NISHANTH. Judging by the opening line and tone you can easily make out that she is a one of a kind person and probably the sole level headed person in the asylum. She is the Director of LCmediaHouse, who also happens to hold the position of Communications and HR alliances at the company! She, though immune to Dinesh’s and Vishal’s respective sense of humor and insanity, does crack up into a smile every now and then. She is classy and loves her facts right. Her presentations are worth a million bucks and when she assigns you a task, you damn well do it!

Please NOTE: Her presentations contain a lot of eye to eye contact, open questions and plenty of head nodes. You may feel a little off color, with her peering into your soul and everything. But, hilariously, this is something you will have to accept. And no, you cannot wear your sunglasses during the workshop.

Survival Tip: look her in the eyes, and pronounce her name right for Heaven’s sake!

Monik Chandra

The man holding the Senior Designers post is Monik Chandra, a guy that may or may not smile at your every joke. Aww! Are you hurt? Well, nope, he doesn’t really care about that either. You could be all caught in a Zombie Apocalypse but all he’d be worrying about is staining his crisp shirt or having it get in his way of his love for ‘Game of Thrones!’ (Trust me; he more than just loves it). He is the know-how for every designing or editing query, and he even recognizes colors that cannot be seen by the naked eye! Spend a few days designing with him you can medically prove yourself color blind! He hates repeating sentences and his frown can get you worked up, so friends when he is giving you some knowledgeable knowledge, make sure you listen up!

Please NOTE: He can imitate people. No, not by dressing up, but he can mimic voices! So stay tuned, (literally) for his voice transitions!

Survival Tip: You are sleepy? WAKE UP! The more alert you are, the better he likes you!

Vishal Sakpal

Questioned often about his
“what-the-hell-is-he-saying-I-can’t-understand-dafuq-he-is-laughing-for” jokes, Vishal Sakpal is the second founder of the company! His biggest strength is his attention to detail and his extremely artistic mind. Yes, he draws stuff too! This man here has literally built himself from scratch. Though some of his earlier habitats turned alarmingly disastrous, his latest one has undoubtedly made him a ‘boon’ to mankind! Stuff you never knew about designing, drawing or art, this man will feed you knowledge like a farmer feeds his cattle. Make him confortable at the podium and he is an encyclopedia in person!

Please NOTE: If he pauses after a sentence and looks hypnotized at any point in his presentation, kindly force yourself to laugh. That’s his cue to move on, in his presentation!

Survival Tip: A little synchronization with his pauses and high pitched laughter, with your heavily fake snicker, will save you a lot of discomfort!