Our Story

LCmediaHouse, also known as LCM, started in 2012 as just an idea which organically grew into what it is now without much fiddling from our end. We feel there’s a sense of innate creativity that’s guiding our growth trajectory, and are happy to say that this has led to some really great partnerships in the last 10 years.

What’s in the name and logo?

Let’s get talking about the ‘rooster’ in the room first!

Cofounders of the company were kind of bored to see the typical ads in their time and were quite critical about the situation. Thoughts led to ideas and ideas led to the creation of the most-hip agency in Navi Mumbai of the time (going strong even now) and that’s how LCM came into being. To usher in the dawn of this new beginning we wanted to have a mascot to represent our initial thought and felt that the ‘rooster’ did the job..

LCM as a company is driven by thoughts, ideas, lucrative concepts and its vision to accomplish all it can to engage and entertain that most sought after ‘TG’ any brand is always craving for.

What’s making our DNA has also found a place in our name ‘LCmediaHouse’.

LCM = Lucrative Concepts + Media House = Our Vision to create something bigger, and larger than life.

What do we do?
We’re all about making things happen! From advertising, to design, to digital, to creative, to performance marketing, we’re open to almost anything. We hate saying NO unless we really have to. So, if you have a thought, the means, and the will to turn that thought into action, let’s talk. We’ll explore various ways and methods to bring your dream to life.

Why do we do it?
Because it just makes sense, plain and simple! Nothing else captures our hearts and keeps us as involved and alive as LCM does. We’d choose this over anything else, every single time. Sure, our methods may change and evolve, but running an agency isn’t just a job for us, it’s a lifelong love affair with the art of making magic happen.

How do we keep evolving?
We’re trend-obsessed superheroes! We read, we watch, and we absorb it all. We’re constantly upgrading ourselves to deliver not only for the brands we work with but also for the target audiences they cater to.

A message to brand owners and managers?
Listen up! It’s time to face the facts. Taking a step forward in advertising isn’t a casual decision that can be taken lightly. It requires dedication, financial commitment, and a genuine desire to propel your brand forward. You have to do it the right way for your brand to engage, interact and evolve along with your target audience. So, buckle up, gather your resources and embark on this creative journey with passion and purpose.

Creative Industry as we foresee?
The digital creative realm is buzzing with rapid evolution, yet far from its final form. But here’s the twist: while some brands ride the digital wave like pros, others treat it like a sidekick, missing out on its true potential. They must understand that It’s time to break free from the norm, and take that daring leap of faith. Also, must remember to remain unique in this pursuit of brand evolution.

Few things that we learned?

  • Don’t do things that you don’t want to see your brand doing just because others are doing
  • Monday blues do not exist if you love what you do
  • Agencies must deliver work on time and collect payments on time

A day without the internet at LCmediaHouse?
A day without the internet is really fun at LCmediaHouse. We don’t go nuts over losing the net. Instead, we take it as an opportunity to do stuff together and connect more with each other through impromptu activities like games, music sessions, team lunches, fun outings, etc.